sigh studio of music | Individual and group music instruction


Sigh Studio of Music offers high-quality, affordable music classes and private instruction in Lansing's Old Town. 

Instructor Melissa Sigh holds a master's degree in Music Education from Michigan State University and teaches music for East Lansing Public Schools. Melissa is a certified Music Learning Theory early childhood instructor and has taught private lessons for the past 12 years.

Early Childhood Music Classes: Children (age 0-5) are free to explore songs, movement, instruments, and musical toys while immersed in a rich musical environment. Classes are interactive, informal, and playfully encourage children to create their own sounds and movement.

Ukulele Classes: Beginning students learn a variety of songs that rely on the easiest ukulele chords. Students are provided with practice routines to help master new chords and switch between chords fluidly. All music provided.  Continuing students choose from a variety of course offerings designed to allow students to progress in a fun and challenging environment.

Private Instruction:  Private instruction in: Voice, Piano, Guitar, Ukulele, Songwriting, Music Theory, and Recording Techniques. 

Birthday Parties: Have Melissa come and perform interactive children's songs at your child's next birthday party!  Melissa will bring fun and engaging musical props so that children will be able to take part in the movement and music.