Adult Continuing Ukulele

summer 2019

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Intro to Music Theory (And Why it is Useful for Ukulele Players!): Expand your repertoire with a basic understanding of the “math” of music!  Strum through a large variety of music that will help introduce and deepen your understanding of music theory. Learn which chords can be substituted for something you already know, when it’s appropriate to add or omit a “7” chord, and the important differences between “M/major” and “m/minor”.  This will allow us to simplify chord charts that look too complicated at first glance. We will study the Nashville Numbering System (I, IV, V, etc) to gain an understanding of how chords relate to each other (and review the basics of how to transpose!).
Monday June 3,  6:30- 7:45 pm

Learn a large variety of songs in various keys in this class. We will gain familiarity with simple ukulele chords beyond C, Am, F and G, and start working on bar chords, and quick chord changes.
Mondays 7 - 7:45 pm
July 8 - August 12