Music, Movement, and Art Afternoon Summer Camp:

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Music, Movement, and Art Afternoon Summer Camp:

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Two sessions!
Ages 6-10 (June 17 - June 20)
Ages 4 - 7 (July 29 - August 1)

Explore the arts at Sigh Studio this summer! This highly engaging 4-day long summer camp is uniquely designed to be fun while building musical and artistic skills. With multiple instructors, students will work in small groups and receive personalized instruction in expressive movement, fine arts, and music.

Each day of camp, students will receive instruction in creative movement, ukulele, singing/general music-making, and fine arts. Ukulele and art classes will be separated into small groups depending on age and skill level.

Fine arts: Students receive small-group instruction as they explore multiple art media. Student projects will come home at the end of the camp. All materials provided.

Creative movement: Student dances are accompanied by imaginative stories and creative instruction that encourage all students to participate.

Ukulele: students receive small-group ukulele instruction (with groups divided based on prior ukulele experience). All music provided.

Singing and music-making: students use classroom instruments (such as boomwhackers, drums, and egg shakers) and movement props to gain familiarity with songs for singing and playing on the ukulele

Singing, ukulele/guitar, and general music instructor: Melissa Sigh
Movement instructor: Karrie Korroch
Fine arts instructors: Bob Jaruzel (Ages 6-10) & Megan Hunsaker (Ages 4-7)
Ages 6 - 10, June 17- 20 (Monday through Thursday)
Ages 4 - 7, July 29-August 1, (Monday through Thursday)
1 pm - 3:30 pm

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