Music and Movement Summer Camp

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Music and Movement Summer Camp


Ages 6-10

Keep your kids active and making music this summer! This highly engaging 4-day summer camp is uniquely designed to be fun while building musical skills. Students will explore expressive movement and music-making with ukulele, voice, and other instruments.

Program Description: Each day of camp, students will receive instruction in creative movement, ukulele, and singing/general music-making.  

Creative Movement:  Student dances are accompanied by imaginative stories and creative instruction that encourage all students to participate.

Ukulele:  students study a diverse collection of songs that rely on 4 basic ukulele chords.  All music provided.

Singing and music-making:  Students use classroom instruments (such as boomwhackers, drums, and egg shakers) and movement props to gain familiarity with songs for singing and playing on the ukulele

Singing, ukulele/guitar, and general music instructor:  Melissa Sigh
Movement instructor: Mary-Jane Hepner Gamble

July 9- July 12 (Monday through Thursday)
1 pm - 3:30 pm

$99 (Ukulele rental available for only $10 for the entire week!)

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