Music Performance and Technology Camp

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Music Performance and Technology Camp

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Ages 7-13

Learn how to use technology to further your creative expression as a musician! This camp experience offers hands-on experiences exploring computer-based and device-based:

  • song composition

  • multitrack and live recording

  • mixing audio

  • video production

This camp is uniquely designed to engage your young musician while building basic technical skills and providing expert instruction in the concepts that make recordings sound great and videos look sharp.

Each day of camp, students will receive instruction in ukulele (or guitar for continuing students), general music-making, and music technology.

Technology lessons will include: 1) instruction in applying principles of audio and video production to common devices (including cell phones and tablets) - students are welcome to bring their own devices in addition to using Sigh Studio gear; 2) using apps to compose and record music, and 3) guided opportunities for recording and composing original songs

Music lessons will focus on students learning, composing, and practicing songs they can record and utilize during music technology lessons.

Singing, ukulele/guitar, and general music instructor: Melissa Sigh
Music technology instructor: Marcus Sigh

July 22 - July 24
10 am - 3:00 pm

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