Songwriting Afternoon Summer Camp

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Songwriting Afternoon Summer Camp


Ages 10 - 16

Write your own songs to further your creative expression as a musician. In a supportive environment, receive songwriting instruction, create original songs, and share new material with peers.  This camp will focus on multiple elements of songwriting, including:

  • chord progressions

  • lyrics and rhyming

  • melody creation

  • music theory

  • music technology (and how it is useful for songwriting)

Program Description: Each day of camp, students receive instruction in songwriting and improvisation. Students create original lyrics and chord progressions individually and collaboratively. With instructor support, students improvise and workshop original melodies. Guest songwriters visit the studio to share their original songs and songwriting processes. Students also receive daily instruction in voice and ukulele (or other instrument that student already plays independently).

Singing, ukulele/guitar, and general music instructor:  Melissa Sigh
Music technology instructor:  Marcus Sigh

July 30- August 2 (Monday through Thursday)
1 pm - 3:30 pm

$99 (Ukulele rental available for only $10 for the entire week!)

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