Ukulele, Puppetry, and Musical Storytelling


Ukulele, Puppetry, and Musical Storytelling

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Ages 5-9

Explore the expressive and imaginative worlds of puppetry, storytelling, and music! Students will learn to use imagery, aspects of storytelling, anatomy, and free dance to explore mindful movement and creative expression. Students will explore the joyful, magical world of puppetry and storytelling through a rich exploration of materials, props, and games!

Each day of camp, students will receive instruction in storytelling, puppet creation, pupetteering, ukulele, and singing/general music-making.

Puppetry instructor: Karrie Korroch
Singing, ukulele/guitar, and general music instructor: Melissa Sigh

August 5 - 8
1 pm - 3:30 pm

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